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NameAIAllegiance/OwnerClass/Crew CapacityNotes
The AlsatiaYesThieves' GuildCorporate Cruiser. Guild-side: four main Sections - Acquisitions, Legal, Media and Science.
The Man's ShipNoThieves' GuildUnknown. Captained by Captain Morgan.aka Fleet Comm One
The ExpedienceYesWintran/ZangAdvantage class battle Cruiser. Captained by Admiral Ramsay.In action at Erica.
The TangiersYesImperial/JUImperial Diplomatic Vessel. Captained by Colonel Hones.In action at Erica.
The PegasusYesImperial Navy
The OlympusYesImperial Navy
The VigilanceYesWintran
The NairobiYesImperial Navy
The MarrakechYesImperial Navy
The KarachiYesImperial Navy
The MumbaiYesImperial Navy
The ShanghaiYesImperial Navy
The AthensYesImperial Navy
GhostNoThieves' Guild
WraithNoThieves' Guild
SpectreNoThieves' Guild
El Pato LocoNoUnknownFreighteraka The Mad Duck
GenoaYesThieves' Guild
SkyeYesThieves' Guild
IonaYesThieves' GuildThundercloud
FallonYesThieves' GuildThundercloud
EdinburghYesSean O'Brien