Blackmail, murder and betrayal set the Thieves’ Guild at the centre of a galaxy-wide war. And this is just the beginning…

ZACH HILYER is in trouble. Hil is good, one of the top field operatives in the infamous Thieves’ Guild. Problem is, he can’t remember when it all went wrong.

After crash landing on a planet with no memory of his last assignment, Hil discovers that his handler is dead and someone’s put a price on his head.

Injured and alone, he has no choice but to go rogue from the guild, fight to clear his name and wreak revenge on the people who set him up.

Residual Belligerence is the first book set in the high-tech Thieves’ Guild universe of galactic war, knife-edge intrigue, alien invasion, thieves, assassins, bounty hunters and pirates.

Available to read free in all eBook formats on KINDLE and APPLE BOOKS.

Available in paperback, 268 pages, RRP £9.99
ISBN 978-1-908299-03-1
Published by Sixth Element Publishing, May 2011

Also available in audiobook on AUDIBLE, narrated by Clinton Herigstad
Listening Length: 8 hours and 20 minutes



“These are great! Eminently likeable space opera with antiheroes, a terrifying galactic menace and a splendidly unfolding story arc.”

“Science fiction at its best! This book contains everything a person could want in a book. There is action, intrigue, suspense, and everything that keeps you from putting this book down even for a minute. This is an author to look forward to reading!”

“What we’re dealing with here is not any Thieves’ Guild urban fantasy. This is sexy spy stuff in space with gadgets, physical training programs, intelligence departments, assassinations, and secret packages. Imagine James Bond mixed with Ender’s Game. The action was non-stop, and every chapter was essential. Before reading Residual Belligerence I wouldn’t have imagined such a novel was possible to write.”

“The best way I could describe this book is The Bourne Identity in space. It has mystery, intrigue, great action and a fantastic world to get lost in.”

“This is a very intelligently written sci-fi story, which creates an intriguing world featuring Earth, a number of off-world colonies, and many different parties vying for power, including the influential Thieves’ Guild whose workings are very interesting on their own… a stimulating reading experience without being confusing.”

Highly enjoyable. As hinted at in the title, this book is indeed very fast-paced. But do not let that fool you into thinking this is just another action-packed sci-fi adventure… There are plots within plots and perhaps even another plot that encompasses all plots. And then there are probably side plots… I plan on continuing to read the remainder of the books in this series with great anticipation.”

“Hatton manages to blend SF and Fantasy tropes (a vast, corrupt interstellar empire and a hierarchical guild system), into a fascinating space operatic thriller.”

A great rollercoaster ride of treachery, betrayal, and never-ending action. A real sci-fi novel of the first order…”

“Residual Belligerence is a fast paced, sci fi adventure, set in a universe that already feels like it was fully realised and lived in before the reader enters the picture. It’s one of those books that makes you excited to keep reading and the ending was so intriguing that I was very glad the next two books in the series were already available when I finished it.”