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Defying Winter (Thieves’ Guild Origins: LC Book Three)


“Fast-paced, action packed sci-fi. You won’t want to put these books down.”

LC Anderton, raw recruit and thief-in-training, is struggling at the Thieves’ Guild.

Screwing up is second nature for LC and when he gets into trouble yet again, he’s sent off on a minor assignment to get him out of the way.

Only this time he’s got his eye on a different mission, a mission no other field-op in the guild will touch. Because it’s impossible. And to LC, that’s a challenge he can’t resist.

But it’s impossible for a reason, and LC isn’t the only one after it. As the odds stack up against him, he can walk away or go all in… but even he can’t imagine what will be asked of him and the price he’ll have to pay.

“C. G. Hatton knocks it right out of the park again with this brilliantly written story.”

“Fast paced scifi at its best. Written with passion and flair, it’s a book that hard top put down once you start reading because every chapter hangs you over a cliff.”