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Beyond Redemption (Thieves’ Guild Origins: LC Book Two)


“Written with the joy of a storyteller’s soul, fast paced, surprising and full of the unexpected…”

The infamous Thieves’ Guild, the most secretive organisation in the galaxy, doesn’t recruit kids… and with good reason. But now circumstances force their hand. When an undercover operation goes wrong, they have no choice but to bring in two potential recruits they’ve been watching.

Pulled from the chaos of the rebellion on Kheris, thirteen-year-old Luka finds himself thrown into the intense arena of field-op training alongside Zach Hilyer, another kid with a troubled past. Still struggling with injuries, and sent into a place far more dangerous than even the guild realises, Luka doesn’t know who he can trust and has no way out. The stakes rise fast, and he is faced with a decision that could prove fatal for them both.

“Excellent sequel to Kheris Burning, I couldn’t put this book down ’til the end…”

“…the most exciting scifi writer that I have read in the last 30 years.”

“If you love fast-paced military science fiction with an epic space opera feel that spans the entire galaxy, you’ll love this.”