I love playing about with my characters’ personality types and find MBTI really useful. If you’re not familiar with Myers-Briggs, the basic theory is that you have preferences ([I]ntroverted or [E]xtraverted, [S]ensing or i[N]tuitive, [T]hinking or [F]eeling, [J]udging or [P]erceiving) and there are sixteen personality types.

As I understand it, in situations where you are in control, you act within your type with assurance and confidence. Where you are out of your comfort zone and stressed, you may be forced to act as the opposite and that’s not great. But fun to play with when you’re writing!

quick, alert and outspoken. ENTPs are strong in initiative, resourceful, ingenious and stimulated by difficulties. They hate routine. They tend to be independent and charming.

Hilyer is ESTJ: practical, realistic and decisive. ESTJs take care of routine details and base plans on established fact. They are self-confident, aggressive and like to have fun. They have a clear set of standards to live by.

When writing them both, it was cool to throw them into situations where they couldn’t rely on their natural preference and see how badly they coped. Cruel, I know, but as I’ve said before, I worked through a lot of anger when writing those books.

NG is so down the middle, it’s intimidating. He can be introverted or extroverted with equal ease. He wheels and deals in facts as easily as he relies on his own intuition. He is incredibly logical but is a natural empath. He can be judging and orderly equally as well as he can be perceptive and spontaneous. He can deal with anything. So to test him, the pickles I’m throwing him into are having to be worse, tougher and downright dizzying. For us both.

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