#amwriting… work in progress… and latest news!

I’m still having fun with Hil in Arunday’s Convergence… glad I didn’t rush it out for April! There’s a lot going on and the deeper I’m getting into it, the more things are coming together.

We’re onto the third volume of Harvey Duckman Presents… and working with some great writers. I was hoping to have another kind-of-standalone-but-adds-in-to-the-whole-big-story TG short (similar to Taylorson) in this one but I don’t want to break away from AC at the mo, so I’ll save it for an upcoming Harvey! It looks like it’ll be Derren Bay so that will be fun.

Next up on the gallivanting is Warped Con in Doncaster at the end of August. We’re planning on some more Harvey events later in the year, and I’m hoping to get to London this autumn too.

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