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I’m a writer and editor based in the North-East of England. I have a PhD in geology and a background in journalism, having worked as a sub-editor and editor at several newspapers. More recently, I’ve written and published five books in the main Thieves’ Guild military sci-fi/thriller series, the first two books in a YA series set in the Thieves’ Guild universe, and co-edited the Tiny Globule anthology of short sci-fi stories.

I love meringue, support Tottenham Hotspur (through thick and thin), drink rum and listen to Linkin Park, have climbed active volcanoes, walked on the Great Wall of China and been mugged in Brazil.

I am married with two young daughters and I’m currently working on the sixth book in the Thieves’ Guild series, more in the series of YA novels, a series of short stories set in my universe, and a script based on the Thieves’ Guild books.

(Photo by Brett Cooper)