No one messes with the Thieves’ Guild. Except someone just did. Blackmail, murder, betrayal and the highest bounty in history set the Thieves’ Guild at the centre of a conflict that sparks a galaxy-wide war. And that’s just the beginning…

“Great plot, well-written, and excellent characterisation.

“Terrific stuff, fast paced plot, believable futures and interesting characters.”

“Energetic and exciting writing…

“A very intelligently written sci-fi story…”

★★★★★ Most exhausting yet satisfying sci-fi thriller I’ve read in years. I’ve read some amazing stories by some of the best scifi writers wowing the world but CG Hatton is a standout if not above them. Amazingly fast paced, exhausting, powerful and so filled with intrigue you literally have no chance to figure out the next step before it’s upon you. Hate books you know the end before the last chapter? Hatton won’t let you get away that easy. Sit down, shut up and hang on, cause you are in for a ride.” Amazon reviewer, USA 2022


CG Hatton is a sci-fi writer and publisher based in the North-East of England. She has a PhD in geology and a background in journalism, having worked as a sub-editor and editor at several newspapers.

More recently, she’s written and published six books in the main Thieves’ Guild military sci-fi thriller series and three books in a YA series set in the Thieves’ Guild universe.

She also edits the Harvey Duckman Presents series of sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk and horror short story anthologies, and offers support and inspiration to indie writers who want to own their books and have fun with their writing. Find out more at:

She loves meringue, supports Tottenham Hotspur (through thick and thin), drinks rum and listens to Linkin Park, has climbed active volcanoes, walked on the Great Wall of China and been mugged in Brazil.

She is married with two young daughters and is currently working on the next book in the Thieves’ Guild series.

★★★★★ …a joyously fun read, and a window into the darkest corners of the real world because it is so well written.”

The galaxy is at war. It’s just not the war anyone was expecting…