I know tickets are like gold dust, but if anyone ever asks if you want to go to the New York Comic Con, say yes. Don’t think about it, just say yes.
The event at New York’s Javits Center earlier this month was awesome. That’s the only word for it. To go all that way and set up a table as an indie British writer was intimidating to say the least. As it was, the whole weekend of NYCC was amazing.

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It was Elmore Leonard who said, “Never open a book with weather.” It’s great advice, as are his other nine rules of writing. You want people shooting at you, not spots of rain. But I do find that weather plays a significant part in my writing, in the process, in setting my scenes and in upsetting my characters.
I love being out in all weathers. I love summer days when the sky is blue and the breeze is balmy. I love thunderstorms. I love walking in torrential rain. I don’t like being cold but as the old saying goes, there is no bad weather, only bad clothing (been caught out there a few times).

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An INTP writer and the dilemma of social media: I’m not just an INTP, I’m an INTP Leo indie writer. Argh. I’m not into pigeonholing and labels, but I do like to try to understand how I feel about what I do. And I am not ashamed to say that trying to develop a social media author platform is driving me insane.
I write because I love writing, and I publish books because I have dared to admit that I do want to share my writing with people out there who might like and enjoy the stuff I write.

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A year ago at Scifi Scarbs, Andy and Steve (almost jokingly) said, “Hey, see you here next year with book four?” I’m a sucker for a challenge so here we are and yes, book four is due out in March 2015, only a few weeks away!
It’s been great to have a deadline and I’m already planning books five and six. I’ve had some really cool reviews and feedback over the winter and I’m really grateful to everyone who has been in touch to say they’re enjoying my stuff.

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