Apologies that I haven’t been in touch for a while – I’ve been writing! I have loads to do if I’m to hit the targets and deadlines I’ve set myself and the main thing is that I’m loving it. I have to say as well that I’m really appreciating the feedback and comments from all the people who have been in touch after reading my stuff. I’m not sure people realise how much a few words can mean – so many thanks once again.

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Book Five! We’ve even got a title for it already: Darkest Fears (Thieves’ Guild: Book Five). It carries on the main big story from the first four books and I’m well into it already. I won’t give away who the main character is (although if you’ve seen the draft cover, you might be able to guess) but the whole cast from the other books are in there, and it’s all as intense as ever as the story builds even more.

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Hello! I haven’t blogged in an age because I’ve been busy with Kheris, the next book due out in April, and no, it’s not Book Five, it’s a side-step. It’s the Thieves’ Guild universe and it’s the same characters, specifically LC, but ten years ago when he was a thirteen year old kid caught in a warzone on Kheris.

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