Kheris Burning (Thieves’ Guild Origins: LC Book One)

ISBN 978-1-908-299-88-8
Paperback, 256pp, RRP £7.99, eBook $5.99
Published by Sixth Element, April 2016

No one in the galaxy gives a damn about Kheris, a war-torn mining colony in the back of beyond.
Thirteen-year-old Luka is used to running from trouble, living rough with a gang of street kids, stealing from the Imperial troops and selling scavenged tech and intel to the Wintran-backed resistance fighters to survive.
But when a mysterious ship crashes in the desert, his life is turned upside down overnight. Suddenly Kheris is on everyone’s radar and he finds himself caught between the two warring factions, with the lives of those closest to him threatened.
He’s desperate to find a way out, but will the cost be too high?

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