Blatant Disregard (Thieves’ Guild: Book Two)

ISBN 978-1908-299-40-6

Paperback, 296pp, RRP £8.99, eBook $5.99

Published by Sixth Element, December 2012

LC Anderton is running out of places to hide. He’s the best operative the Thieves’ Guild has ever had… or at least he was until he screwed up his last job, the one he was blackmailed into taking. And that’s just the start of his problems.
The entire galaxy wants the package he stole and will pay any price to get it. As bounty hunters close in, LC doesn’t know who he can trust. In desperation, he throws in his lot with the chaotic crew of a rundown freighter on the edge of colonised space. And from there, it can only get worse. Amidst the growing threat of war between Earth and Winter, the Thieves’ Guild is desperate to find LC before anyone else can get their hands on him. The trouble is, he doesn’t trust them either.

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